Hip Hop (Homage called L.E.S.S.O.N.S)


Learning Mathematics courtesy of Prof. Def

Even did a little politics in a lecture with Immortal Tech

Shout out to Akala for teaching me a little history

Street philosophy taught to me by D. Marley

Opened up my mind to some poetry by Kendrick

Dr. Dre should’ve taught medicine cause like a tumor those beats stick

So slot your headphones in and let that bass drop as you get the chills and shivers from listening to REAL hip hop


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Every major election season I’m overcome with how strange the political theatre is. Coming from a country plagued with corruption and mismanagement of official funds and blatant disregard for the people I am therefore mystified seeing the common people rallying behind and wearing the standards of the very men stealing from them.


Being the sort of person that researches most things I’m consuming or buying or thinking about I can’t understand the popularity contest that is my (and the global) approach to politics which is essentially who seems better based on nonsense like family life or their capacity for quick wit as apposed to actually scrutinizing their policies and weighing up their capacity based on previous experiences.

The problem with the current political structure we have is a simple one: stupidity. If people would take a little more time to consider and discuss which candidate has the best policy going into an election as opposed to their charisma or recent marital issues I’d bet any money we’d move forward in leaps and bounds.

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To avoid the conundrum of writing about how bad hypocrisy is while being a bit of a hypocrite myself I figured I’d just write a poem instead.


It’s when the old act more foolish than the youth they chastise

When those that see act as sightless as those without eyes

WHen the rich scorn the poor

Before walking through church doors

When nations preach peace

With banned bearing doves and olive leaves

Doing all this with the right while with their left

Leave those that they ‘help’ in war, pestilence and death



Over the past couple of days/posts I seem to have leaned towards things that frustrate or worry me so here’s a post about something I truly value. 

Merriam-Webster tells us solitude is “the quality or state of being alone or remote from society”. Being an introvert through and through I need my alone time about as much as any meal of the day and not that I’m trying to knock people that don’t like spending time on their own I can’t think of a better way to work out problems facing you, develop ideas and recharge and reinforce your ideals than spending time in your own head.

Still keeping in mind that statistic that there’s roughly 20% of the population that are introverted spending time alone has been repeatedly demonized and frowned upon and it’s constantly apparent every time I’m chastised for not wanting to get up to anything from time to time. 


It’s not that I’m trying to change anyone at all, I honestly think everyone should do whatever the hell they want to provided it’s causing no harm to anybody, I just always had this quote in mind “How can you expect others to like you when you can’t even spend time with yourself” 

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I’m no stranger to comfort zones. The ironic thing I find is with age the things I need to do seem to grow and the ease of blowing them off grows in kind. 

The point of this post isn’t to deconstruct laziness but to analyse responsibility. Whether we like it or not certain problems can only be solved (or would be solved considerably easier) with your efforts. Basically the aspects of life we’re responsible for are ours to oversee and nobody else’s and everything becomes a lot more easy once we own that which rests on our shoulders. 


I’ve been trying to apply this to all the tasks laid out for me and I have to say the days I’ve committed to a task rather than shirk it have been ultimately far more memorable 

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I’ve come to believe that prejudice can only be taught. It’s a sort scapegoat situation since people only express prejudice where they have a shot at superiority. 


It’s from mans desire to be above another the prejudice is born. Everything from racism to a kid being bullied for being nerdy is at its core one person justifying their aggression with the idea victim is lesser in the situation.

Society is incredible bi-polar as far as prejudice goes because we oftentimes champion those that discriminate and scorn victims while we’re at it.

I’ve always had a rule of thumb for the whole situation and (if you’ll excuse the cliche) its that we should treat others how we’d want to be treated. It’s amazing how many things I myself many things I myself was prejudiced about faded away once I did away with egotistical notion that others on this world didn’t understand or experience life as well as I did.   


Every time I think about time I find there’s about two ways to interpret it. You could either be a part of the YOLO/Carpe Dium stock believing in making the most of the present and every opportunity it could yield or you can be one of the ‘5 year plan’ type who know what they’re planning on doing every step of the way.

Since I’m not that old I find myself flitting between both outlooks, some days I don’t really care about what I’ll be doing tomorrow and while simultaneously knowing where it is I want to live when I’m older or how many kids I’d like to have.

While I know the usefulness of remembering in the past I’m finding more and more that it has little or no impact on your life irrespective of how much institutions like schools and the workforce would have you believe. All men can change their trajectory, the tricky part is having the strength to change it.


My view on time? It’s a lot like walking: keep one leg on the present and one in the future and your mind free and flexible.

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Have you ever met someone you’d heard about but their actual personality is incredibly different from what you’d expected?


Having done this before been on the receiving end of it myself I find it to be one of the more irritating things you can experience. Despite me not having intention of knocking it (judgements based on a persons reputation have proved life saving in the past) having the assumption you know all about a person based on hearsay or what could be a solitary bad or good story about them is kind of a fucked up thing to do.

All in all it’s something people will never do away with, a man is judged according to his deeds at the end of the day. I just feel the world could be a little bit more brighter if a shade of doubt was extended towards people, who knows, it could even be sufficient incentive for change.

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From time to time I worry about the amount of apathy that’s taking root in the world today. 

That quote about good men doing nothing really comes to mind when you interact with a person and they have no desire to fully understand any areas of concern in a zone outside of his or her influence, in exchange they would rather steer conversation towards things that (despite being debatably more interesting) don’t have any significant benefits to you understanding or learning something new.



My honest view is no man ever changed the world on his own regardless of how many heroes history holds, a collective shift within society is a sure way to effect change. A decent way to start is to start allowing a little more information about more diverse topics into the themes of your discussions. You never know what your point on view on something substantial might affect it. 

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Ambition has always been one of those fascinating aspects of the human condition. Defined literally it is the desire for personal achievement but the question always asked is at what cost? At what point does my thirst for greatness or success at something supersede my own sense of right and wrong or individuality.

The way I see it everything gained is something lost. Succeeding at something will always have a ripple effect towards yourself and those around you and oftentimes it will be negative and cause strains but I honestly and truly believe the most extreme cost ambition can claim for you is your own sense of self identity. If you have to adjust major parts of who you are and replace them with scorn, malice or pompousness then what it is you want will never actually bring you happiness.

Ambition is great, it’s what keeps all of us and humanity at large moving forward but it should never come at the cost of your soul.

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